Theories that Explain How The Reflexology Massage Works

Reflexologists argue that a reflexology is an important stress relieving tool. However, they have proved this claim in a number of theories. Below is the summary of the 4 theories about how reflexology releases stress from the body.

Theory 1: Reflexology works together with the principal nervous system.

According to a research which was done by Sir Henry Head together with Sir Charles Sherrington suggests that there is a neuron relationship amongst the skin and internal body parts. Therefore the body normally adjusts to stimulus. However, reflexologists claim that when you apply pressure on your ear, foot or arms a calm impulse is sent from the peripheral sensors to central nervous system. The CNS now signals the whole body to adjust in order to level the tension. This enables the body to relax and initiates an increase in blood supply within the body.

Theory 2: Reflexology minimizes stress and positive impact your moods.

This theory is known as the neuro-matrix theory of pain. It claims that pain is formed by your brain through a subjective experience. The brain faces this when paying attention to a sensory feeling of pain. Also, the brain is able to independently without necessarily relying on sensory nerves and cause pain when responding to emotions. Therefore, moods can affect your brain in a manner of feeling pain.

Thus reflexology reduces pain to aid the release of stress and also change person’s moods. Reaction to the sensory experience of pain, but it can also perform autonomously of sensory contribution and generate pain in reply to emotive or mental influences. According to this theory, reflexology may lessen pain by decreasing stress and improve your mood.

Theory 3: Reflexology maintains the flow of body energy

This theory argues that when the brain fails to address stress issues, the body accumulates a lot of energy which later results in inefficiencies of body functions and later cause sickness. In this condition, the reflexology intervenes and it ensures energy flows well inside your body.

Lastly, according to reflexology theory, they argue that every body organ that is within or in contact with the skin can be accessed through a point on your feet or your hand. They believe that any path between a pressure zone and other body organs is connected to the nervous system.